Virtual and augmented reality of the future

medical-learning-augmented-realityWhen you think about the future of entertainment, it seems like how it won’t have any boundaries. Think about the past for a moment. Which games did you play? They have looked great to you then and you’ve had a lot of fun while playing them. Yet, it seems like how we will all have even more fun in the future!

What can you expect? Apple and Google launched ARKit and ARCore last year, so we can definitely expect the unexpected. The explosion of AR started with a purpose to explore some academic space. Yet, when you think about Pokemon Go, you can realize how it finally came into our lives. Why have I mentioned Pokemon Go? Because it was the first ‘thing’ that has brought quick mobile experiences and was created in the terms of virtual and augmented reality. Was it interesting to you to ‘live’ in that virtual game?

We can expect to see and experience even better ‘events’ in the future. The AR will become absolutely playful for all the users. Virtual reality will bring us numerous apps which will make us feel like we are in the game we are playing.

Besides that, we cannot just stay on the games topic. There are also movies. Virtual reality and augmented reality will become mainstream. Now, it is still not available for everyone, mostly because of the prices. Yet, it will definitely become our daily routine very soon.

When we talk about the experiences, remember how it all started with Instagram. People used it only to post photos. Today, it is like a second life. You can easily see someone’s life through pictures and stories. It is almost the same for all the other social media platforms.

virtual-realityCore games and 3D movies are definitely the ‘favorite’ one of the AR markets today. When asking the developers and programmers, they claim how they see virtual reality similar to tablets and mobile devices. When we think of the past of the mobile devices, we could easily see its ‘evolution’. Did you forget when it all started? Do you remember your mobile phone which you just used to call someone and send a message?

Now, a smartphone is ‘your best friend’. The same will happen with AR and virtual reality.

What else has changed? A Virtual Private Network. A VPN connection has changed so much that it allows us countless possibilities. It has made our world to be like one connected society, yet physically separated. When you try to think about connecting a VPN connection and a virtual reality, you will get the whole picture of how our future will look like.

The AR’s mission is to make the users ‘want more’. We will be able to experience magical and lifting experiences like we have never been able in our whole lives. Will it help us to become a happier society? Will it make it easier for nowadays children to understand the empathy even more, or will it just separate them from the real life?

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